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Super Hero John Cronin Rocks With Socks

John Cronin has been a sock-preneur since December 2016. Upon graduating high school John was ready for his next adventure. He and his Dad brainstormed business ideas and originally had though - food truck. Sounded great, but the fact that neither of them can cook made it a non-starter.

I say - that's pretty lucky for us. With food truck out of consideration the dynamic duo moved on to crazy socks and there has been no looking back. Having studied retail and customer service at Wilson tech, John designs delightful socks that bring smiles while warming feet, but he also delivers something a little extra...“In every box I put a handwritten note, some candy, and two discount cards for 10% off. One of them for customers and one to give to a friend,”

Having found this story to share with you. I'm sure to be John's next customer, and a repeat customer. With the christmas season on the way, I can think of many folks who would love a very unique pair of crazy socks from a guy with a big smile and a generous heart. Join me in supporting John's Crazy Socks

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