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About "What's Inside You Is Inside Me, Too"

When my son JC went into the public school system at age three there were limited materials available that I could bring into a classroom that would help me to educate students (and teachers alike) about Down syndrome, chromosomes and why my son was just a little bit different.   With that goal in mind, I wrote this first book, “What’s Inside You Is Inside Me, Too.”   Since publication, thousands of copies have been sold to those looking for a fun educational way teach people about Down syndrome.


I have read it to both of my children's classrooms and am always amazed at the questions and conversations of inquisitive children.  Hands shoot up in the air and time after time I have hear "I have an Uncle who has ...." or  "I always wondered why my eyes were brown, do chromosomes also make my ...."  I'm hopeful that you will have a similar experience and that you can use this book as a tool for years to come.  

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About the Series

Down Syndrome Adventures

When my son JC was born, we did not know anything much about Down syndrome or what his future was going to hold. As he grew older, we realized that his future was going to be pretty great and that he had this amazing imagination.  He especially loved super heroes and monsters (especially Godzilla).  


I couldn’t find any books though where the hero had Down syndrome, and that is how K.C. Carrington was born.  K.C. faces monsters and fears and makes new friends in every adventure.  These books are not about Down syndrome per se.  They are simple about a hero, and that hero, happens to have Down syndrome.  

Join K.C. on the journey that started it all.  Where K.C.’s home turns into a pirate ship that sails through the starry nights and starts us off on the first of many adventures.

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K.C. and the Dragon

Follow K.C. through the second adventure where K.C. makes new friends while rescuing a pink polka-dotted island from a fiercely hungry dragon

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K.C. and the Giant

This time K.C. journeys far to a land where a town is afraid of a giant.  K.C. uses smarts, heroics and heart to once again save the day.

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